Tuesday 06/11/21


N 34 56.009 W 76 38.720
Cedar Creek, NC


I woke up to the noise of the halyards banging and wind howling through the rigging. The boat wasn't rocking much in this protected anchorage. We'd been sleeping with this noise all through the night as the strength of the Nor'Easter storm had been building. The full force of the storm was forecast to come through today and tonight.


We all ate cold cereal for breakfast. Eugene got into the dinghy and motored ashore at 1000. Hailed 'Suncast' to see if they needed anything, but they were all tucked in fine for the storm.


The boys spent the morning with their studies. Nicolai made soup and sandwiches for lunch.


About 1030 the GPS showed the anchor dragging bit. We were taking winds gusting to 50 mph. I hauled and re-set the second anchor, then let out more rode on both hooks. I began an afternoon of watching the GPS plots and anchor like a hawk. At least I picked a spot where if we did drag at all, we were only going to blow a mile down the channel, not ashore.


Eugene returned at 1500, and had a tough time battling the wind in our little dinghy. He was soaked by the time he made it out to El Tigre, as were the items he brought out with him. He had to row the dinghy through the fish house to get underway. The docks were all under water.


At about 1520 a third boat came sailing down Adams Creek, a catamaran named 'Ministry'. It seems they managed to break the gooseneck for their boom while out sailing in this gale.


We watched the news reports at 1700, featuring the storm. Widespread flooding, high water pushed into the south end of Pamlico sound by the wind...


The winds continued to blow through the evening. The reported rise of the water was 7 feet plus. At times we measured 16 ft of water in our little 7ft anchorage. Our anchors continued to hold fast though, and I slept well...



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(c)Copyright 2006 by Eugene Kashpureff