Wednesday 06/11/22


N 34 50.985 W 76 41.570
SeaGate Marina, NC


I woke up at 0800, woke Eugene. Winds calmed down a lot, water down a foot. We were still sitting in our Cedar Creek anchorage after the Nor'Easter had blown through for the past two days.


'Suncast' hailed us with a good bye, they were heading south.


We all ate cold cereal for breakfast. Eugene went ashore in the dinghy at 1000, headed off with our van to go on a shopping mission. We hailed 'Ministry' to see if they needed anything from ashore.


I spent the morning playing with anchors, unclogged the galley sink, and generaly cleaned around the boat.


Peter made us soup and sandwiches for lunch. Eugene hadn't returned yet, but I got a VHF call from SeaGate marina that he'd stopped there and made reservations for us for the next two nights.


Eugene returned finaly at 1500, and we hauled anchors aboard. We'd have to run hard to make it into SeaGate Marina before sunset, and we cranked up the engine.


Arrived SeaGate at 1630, in plenty of time before sunset. Eugene got a ride back up to Ken's place at Cedar Creek where he'd left the van.


I still had fresh meat on board, and made beef stroganoff for dinner. I don't recall what movie we may have watched.


The night was still gray and chilly, but the weather man claimed a nice high pressure system was coming.


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(c)Copyright 2006 by Eugene Kashpureff