Thursday 06/11/23, Thanksgiving


N 34 50.985 W 76 41.570
SeaGate Marina, NC


I woke at 0800, and woke up Eugene Jr. Peter got up and made coffee. The winds picked back up a little. It's cold, with clouds and some drizzle.


We spent the morning unloading the van, taking our showers, and doing laundry. Showers and laundry are always nice after a week out.


I rearranged our anchor rodes and chain. I'd wanted a little more when the Nor'Easter had blown through at anhcor on Cedar Creek these past few days, and Eugene Jr went out and purchased a new 50' of 3/8" chain, as well as 150' of 1/2 line for a new rode.


We all took an afternoon nap before dinner. We didn't want to be sleepy for Thanksgiving dinner at Core Creek UMC with Rev Diane. I feel our family has a lot to give thanks for these days, and I couldn't think of a better place to be this holiday than with Rev Diane, the LeBlanc family, and Stir Fri's family.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with the LeBlanc family. Jeff Jr. and Eugene Jr enjoyed each others company much. Stir Fri cut the turkeys for us all. Rev Diane set the table with 16 plates, plus an empty sitting for Elijah. We all took a walk in the cool evening air before sitting back down for pie after the meal. We are truly stuffed to the gills.


Early to bed, gotta sail in the morning...


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