Friday 06/11/24

Headed North ?


N 34 50.985 W 76 41.570
Cedar Creek, NC


I didn't wake up until 0800, and woke Eugene. It was another blue sky morning, with a calm breeze from the north.


Eugene and Peter drove off at 0830 for a run to the storage shed and last minute shopping before we sailed.


I spent a good part of the morning with the latest Garmin charting software, as well as Fugawi charting.


Eugene and Peter returned at 1100, but he hadn't contacted Stir Fry or Carie to get the van dropped off. We decided to sail without them, and have them row back out to us with the Sunfish sailboat after they loaded it back on the van and drove up to Cedar Creek...


We sailed at 1200 without Eugene Jr or Peter on board. Nicolai did an excellent job casting off dock lines for as we left the dock.


Easy 6.5 nm to Cedar Creek at 1430. Eugene Jr called me from shore and asked if we were there yet, and if we could come in close for them. I gently motored around to pick up the boys paddling Sunfish.


We met a small sailing cat on the way in named 'Ming'. Lots more boats joining in. I think there were six total anchored for the night. I'd only ever had one boat come to join us in this anchorage before.


I made it a point to watch the evening weather closely. A high pressure system over the eastern US was holding up nicely, and should give us nice weather for the next week...


We ate a mexi dinner made with leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving, and leftover pie.


We all watched 'Kill Bill' for a movie, and went early to bed for the start of our journey south in the morning.


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(c)Copyright 2006 by Eugene Kashpureff