Saturday 06/11/25


N 34 43.371 W 76 47.694
Morehead City, NC


I woke at 0630, and woke Eugene at 0700. We had a beauty blue sky, calm at 5-10 from North winds. We had a peaceful night at anchor, even with all the neighbors. There were only three of the five other boats from the night before still sitting at anchor.


We raised our anchor at 0715, and off back down the Adam's creek canal, again. This time we planned on right by SeaGate Marina and Core Creek.


The Sunfish we now had in tow in addition to the dinghy capsized at 1100 as we crossed the open waters at the bottom of the New River, just above Beaufort. Eugene and I hauled her aboard and lashed her to the starboard deck. I wondered if we were going to make the whole trip with a sailboat lashed aboard.


Noonsite: N 34 43.26 W 76.46.03


There was very heavy traffic in the Beaufort basin as we rounded the corner at Moorehead City to work our way west on the North Carolina ICW. We heard a tug with barge yelling at one of our neighbors from anchorage the night before for cutting him off. There were many small fishing boats anchored out wherever they wished in the basin.


We dropped our anchor early at 1230, near Spooners Creek. There's a small patch with enough water there for us, and we didn't want to try and race the sunset for anything further down.


I tried to update at least my note logs of our last few days.


We listened to what Eugene Jr calls hillarity on the radio - A Feadship 108 and a shrimp boat had a collision at the highway bridge, logs were floating away from the demolition of Sportsmans Pier, etc...


Our anchor did some interesting straying as the tide turned, but no problems. We were 300 feet off the ICW channel, and good water. We kept a close anchor watch, mostly concerned with traffic.


Most of us napped for a while, not disturbed too much by the wakes of the passing speedsters.


Eugene made a spaghetti dinner in honor of Peter's birthday. His birthday isn't until tomorrow, Sunday, but we used the excuse that going by GMT, it would be his birthday by dinner time.


There's no cell phone signal up on Adam's Creek, and we hadn't been able to call home or get any internet for almost a week ! We called home to all - I called my momin Seattle, Greg's mom, Susan, and the older boys called their mom and brother Mike in the Poconos.


I hailed a tug and dredge westbound at about 2000 hrs, to let him know we were anchored there. We all watched 'Kill Bill 2' for a movie...


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