Sunday 06/11/26


N 34 33.12 W 77 19.52
Marine Base Camp Lejeune, NC


I woke up at 0630, after a few wakes thrown our way by early weekend fisherman. I woke Eugene at 0700. We had a clear blue sky, with winds calm at 0-5 from the north.


I went on deck just after waking Eugene, started the engine, and then hauled our anchor. He came up and joined me in the cockpit. We were both excited to finaly be headed south again.


When Peter climbed out of bed at 0800 we roused him with our rendition of Happy Birthday !


There was a boat on the dock at Swansboro as we passed that had been up at Bridge Pointe Marina in New Bern, but we weren't stopping to say hello.


We were Passed up by 'Breakaway', again. Passed by a family with children on the Canadian vessel 'Mysterious Ways'. My boys and I all thought it was great to see another family cruising.


Noonsite: N 34 40.94 W 77 07.16


We had to wait for the opening of the Onslow Beach Bridge, and caught up with Mysterious Ways there. I circled around waiting for the opening, and passed through the bridge at the back of the pack.


It was very interesting cruising through a Marine Corps base. There's leftover targets and abandoned vehicles littered all over the swamps and woods. Eugene Jr recognized the beach where he'd gone swimming with his Navy ROTC class from New Bern High School on a field trip.


We found a lot of those boats just a few miles later, at the anchorage at Mile Hammock Bay. It's located just at the end of the marine base. You can anchor there, but you're not to go ashore.


Scott from Mysterious ways was out motoring around in his dinghy, taking his kid Allistair fishing. They saw all the boys on deck on El Tigre and stopped by for a visit.


I made a beef stew with rice for dinner...


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