Monday 06/11/27


N 34 11.655 W 77 48.638
Wrightsville, NC


I woke up early at 0630 and roused Eugene Jr. The weather was calm, but overcast. We fired off the generator and watched the morning news while I had my coffee.


We raised anchor at 0700. Most of the boats that had been there for the night were gone, but 'Breakaway' and 'Mysterious Ways' were still at anchor.


We saw 'Sparrow' aground at the anchorage entrance, and offered to help. He said he'd wait for the tide to come in and get him off, but thanked us for the offer.


Eugene Jr. spotted dolphins in the morning at New River entrance. There were a couple of them this time, and all the boys had a chance to catch them this time. The boys always love to see the dolphins visit. It's a downside of taking the ICW instead of going offshore, there aren't many places where we see them.


Noonsite: N 34 24.032 W 77 36.599


It was a day of bridges. In North Carolina they seem to all open on the hour or half hour. We missed the Sun City Bridge but only had wait 20 minutes for it. We missed the Sun City Bridge and had to wait 45 minutes, as it only opens on the hour. We got to the harbor Island Bridge at 1535, way early for the 1600 opening. We circled back around and idled forward to kill the time. By 1600 there was a line up of 6 boats to go through with us. I wanted to pull in at the marina just past the bridge for gas and supplies, so we held back to let others through ahead of us.


We pulled in to Wrightsville Marina at 1610. Eugene Jr. pumped gas, Peter purchased ice, and Nico emptied garbage while I hiked off to a local store for supplies. We all made use of the head before climbing back aboard El Tigre and casting off from the dock at 1630.


The sun was going down fast and we still had about two miles to go to get into the anchorage. Rather than take the channel through town we continued down the ICW to Shinn Creek, then turned back into the anchorage.


The boys watched a Cheech and Chong movie while I tried to get some work done, we went to bed early.


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(c)Copyright 2006 by Eugene Kashpureff