Friday 06/12/01


N 33 36.273 W 79 5.906
Bull Creek, SC


Eugene Jr. and I woke at 0730. It was cloudy, but warm out. It had rained last night. Pete made coffee, again, then went up on deck. We'd discussed his participation in our journey the night before, and he was anxious to try his turn at the wheel.


I took time to watch the morning news for the weather report. There was another cold front sweeping it's way towards us. We were under way from Hague Marina at 0815.


We were passed one by one by three fishing boats and two motor cruisers in our first hour. The Socastee Bridge opened for them, but we were too far behind to for the bridge to wait for us. The bridge tender opened again on demand for us just 10min later at 0915. I like the bridges in South Carolina !


Peter spent hours on the helm this morning, steering by hand. He started singing as we went. Pete is my 13 yr old. 13 seems to be a critical age for kids. I hope I can raise him well...


We let Eugene Jr sleep in, and he started to get up at 1000.


By 1100 Eugene Jr had his breakfast and Peter was ready for a break, so Eugene took the helm again. Winds were picking up, and we wanted to find an anchorage to sit out the front.


We dropped anchor at the head of Bull Cr. At about 1150. The boat was very unstable, with the wind and current fighting against each other. We decided to move further up the creek.


Noonsite: N 33 36.041 W 79 5.813


We dropped the anchor further up at 1225, and El Tigre sat a bit more stable in our new position. A trawler pulled in soon after, and was swinging back forth even more than we were with all the windage they had.


We ate mexi dinner lefotvers for lunch, and settled in for afternoon naps.


I got up at 1500 and spent some time doing more writing on-line. The winds calmed down some by then, and El Tigre was sitting at anchor with the current steadily.


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