Saturday 06/12/02


N 33 9.018 W 79 19.376
South Santee River, SC


The whole crew got up at the crack of dawn this morning, at 0630. We took our time waking up. Eugene filled and started the generator, Peter made coffee. Blue skies, cold, 40's. Calm.


We watched the morning news before hauling anchor. It wasn't easy hauling against the current running. There's no windlass on El Tigre.` We were under way at 0755.


The boys ate cold cereal for breakfast. Peter took the helm at 0840. It was easy going through the morning as we worked our way down into Winyah Bay.


Noonsite: N 33 16.234 W 79 16.286


We were nervous again as we made the turn south off the bay into the ICW canal with the current running strong, but it was an easy entrance. We soon found low water on the canal south of Winyah Bay, with low tide depths of 7 and 8 feet.


The anchor went down early at 1420, on the South Santee River.


The younger boys went for a dinghy ride. Peter lost an oar for a moment when they were horsing around, and I recalled them back to El Tigre for a stern lecture.


Eugene and I watched the Army Navy Game on TV. We're not sports fans at all, but the Army Navy game is one we catch together every year. Navy won, again, 26-14 !


Three other boats pulled in to join us at anchor as the sun set. 'Mysterious Ways' hailed us on the radio. They were anchored out nearby.


We spent the early evening chart plotting and updating logs.


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